Joint Marketing

For the Pharmacy Community


Pharmacy Marketing Group (PMG) is a private, for-profit corporation. PMG coordinates the marketing of select products and services to the pharmacy community. State pharmacy associations and the Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company jointly own PMG.

PMG secures endorsements for pharmacy insurance products, third-party prescription drug program information, and other products marketed to the pharmacy community through state pharmacy associations. In return for the marketing assistance provided by the associations, states generate non-dues revenue in the form of endorsement and marketing fees. The relationships created between our clients and the state pharmacy associations create what we call the PMG Partnership. PMG works together with our "partners" to strengthen our profession.


Our Partners

Pharmacy Marketing Group, Inc. (PMG) is a strategic alliance between state pharmacy associations and Pharmacists Mutual Insurance Company.


Pharmacists Mutual

For more than a century, Pharmacists Mutual has been providing specialized insurance solutions backed by solid industry insight. 



Since 1993, PAAS National has been the industry-leading advocate and defender of community pharmacy dealings with Prescription Benefit Programs.